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Dupe spam senders

In this section I describe tips and tricks to dupe spammers and easily delete their messages by Mail Box Dispatcher...


Spam MailBox

This trick is for duping email spiders that collect email addresses from the web. Generally collected emails will be used for spam mailing.
First of all, create a special email account that you will not use for your email correspondence and add it to Mail Box Dispatcher accounts. It'll be your fake email account especially for email spiders. Now setup events that will fire for messages that arrive in few email accounts. Open Mail Box Dispatcher 2 Options and set actions for the events as on the picture below. And additionally add an event that will fire if a recipient contains the fake email address.
Done! Now write the fake email address on your web page close to your actual email address (don't forget to tell visitors not to email you at the fake address). So when email robots go through web pages that contain your email addresses they get both the fake and the actual emails. And Mail Box Dispatcher will detect duplicate messages when the emails will be used for mass mailing.

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