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Mail Box Dispatcher 2 - Event Conditions


Event Conditions is a rule set that defines when an event must be executed and an action must be applied to a message. All the rules are based on checking info fields of an email message. Info fields are: Sender, Recipient, Subject, Headers, Message Body, Attachments, Decoded Text, Size.

Headers is a headers section of a message.
Decoded Text is a plain text part and decoded html part of a message.
Attachments are filenames of message attachments that are in preview lines. If an attachment is out of preview range, then MBD will not see it.

For an example, if you add an event with the subject condition is equal to... ‘SPAM’, then the event will be fired for all messages that have Subject ‘SPAM’.

There is two event editing modes: Beginner Mode and Expert Mode. Beginner Mode offers a minimum of capabilities and oriented to beginners. Expert Mode offers a capability freedom, but requires more time for detailed learning.


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