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Mail Box Dispatcher 2 - Spam Filter Lists


Spam Filter lists allow you to filter (or auto-mark for deletion) messages by such criterions as Sender, Recipient and Subject/Textual Parts. There are four lists in Mail Box Dispatcher: Blacklist, Whitelist, Bad Phrases and Allowed Recipients.
Blacklist is a list of unwanted senders. Use it to add senders whose messages you don't want to receive. Mail Box Dispatcher recognizes a message as Blacklisted if it isn't Whitelisted and its 'From' contains any of Blacklist strings.
Whitelist is a list of 'friendly' senders. Use it to add your friends and senders whose messages you wish to prevent from deletion by other filter lists. Mail Box Dispatcher recognizes a message as Whitelisted if its 'From' contains any of Whitelist strings.
Bad Phrases is a list of bad words, phrases, clauses, etc.. Use it to filter messages that contain these words and phrases. Mail Box Dispatcher recognizes a message as 'Bad Phrased' if its 'Subject' or 'Textual Parts' contains any of Bad Phrases strings.
Allowed Recipients is a list of allowed recipients. If a message has been sent to a recipient that is not in the list, it will be filtered. List is empty by default. This means that all recipients are allowed.

You can show/hide Blacklist, Whitelist and Bad Phrases by three buttons at the top-left corner of Mail Box Dispatcher:
Bad Phrases

Rarely Allowed Recipients list can be accessed via Tools menu. You can also show/hide them by 'Alt+1', 'Alt+2', 'Alt+3', 'Alt+4' Shortcuts.

Use the edit fields and Add button to add new values. You can also:
- right-click on a message in the Message Browser and select a list do you wish to add to
- drag-and-drop a message from the Message Browser directly into the Blacklist, the Whitelist or the Allowed Recipients filter lists
- drag-and-drop a selected words or phrases from the Message Preview directly into the Bad Phrases filter list.

Note: Please check that all filter list settings are right for your needs. Use Filter Lists tab of Tools > Options menu to do that.


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