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Mail Box Dispatcher 2 - Changes history


Mail Box Dispatcher v2.30
Now it's completely free both for non-commercial and commercial use!
New Features:
- <Shift>+click feature allows to mark a range of messages for deletion/downloading with just one click.
- The Delete key is now used for deletion marking.
- Changed some default settings for new users of Mail Box Dispatcher 2.
- Fixed a bug where Mail Box Dispatcher didn't save settings properly when a user shutdown the system.

Mail Box Dispatcher v2.20
New Features:
- 'Learning' Column with Good/Spam, Blacklist and Whitelist checkboxes
- Some core functions have been rewritten. Now any message list changes are displayed on-the-fly.
- Little Info spot added at the top-left corner of the preview area. It shows message and message preview sizes on moving cursor over it.
- Statistics of Received/Deleted messages
- Show/Don't show Message Browser prompts
- Show/Hide Download checkbox in the 'Actions' column
- Left/Right alignment and Show/Hide KB suffix for the 'Size' column
- Special bolts at the sliders added. They allow to hide/show the left and preview panels.
- Some visual notifications about authentication and other errors have been added.
- 'Request resending' button at the Log of Deleted menu added.
- Include more detailed info on 'Request resending'.
- Decoding message creation date
- Downloaded Messages Folder can be opened via Start>Programs>Mail Box Dispatcher 2
- Locations of stored files moved to user's application settings for security and file access purposes.
- Events don't mark messages for deletion if user has unmarked it.
- Some interface changes.
- ISO-8859-5 decoding
- Charset decoding for attachments
- Some rare 'Err' windows when Refresh/Process

Mail Box Dispatcher v2.14
New Features and Abilities:
- Filtering on refresh.
- Added History of deleted messages.
- New ability to request resending for messages that have been deleted and auto-add their senders to the whitelist.
- Charset decoding for KOI8-R and KOI8-U
- Auto-Trim the dictionaries if it takes a long time to calculate spam probabilities.
New options
- Enable/Disable Filtering on refresh.
- Clear Logs on exit
- Enable/Disable Auto-Trim
- Don't keep passwords and be prompted before log on.
Few fixes:
- Spam Detector learns messages that marked for Deletion and Download at the same time as Good.
- Multi-line replying by default email program
- possible password bug with multi email accounts
- bug when saving messages with an empty subject
- possible bug with hiding the Actions column on start for old version users
- bug on abort before spam rating is calculated

Mail Box Dispatcher v2.11
New Features and Abilities:
- Read and Reply to email messages by Default email program directly from Mail Box Dispatcher.
- Receive all message lines in the preview message window.
New options:
- Launch Mail Box Dispatcher on Windows Startup
- Hide window when minimized
- Start minimized
- Hide the main window on click X at the right top corner
- Include an original quote when replying by default email program

Mail Box DIspatcher v2.10
New Features and Abilities:
- Added self-learning intelligent Spam Detector that calculates spam probability for incoming messages.
- Added Filter Lists (Blacklist, Whitelist, Bad Phrases and Allowed Recipients).
- New Global Events have been added: 'Recipient = Sender' and 'Textual Part of Body is empty'.
Interface improvements and additions:
- Whole (As-Is) message preview has been replaced with Body As-Is and doesn't show message headers.
- Plain Body message preview has been replaced with Textual Parts and shows Plain Text Body + Decoded HTML Text.
- Drag-and-Drop addresses from the Message Browser and words/phrases from the Message Preview directly to the Filter Lists.
- MBD saves positions, visibilities and sizes of all windows.
- New columns: Spam Rating, Date
- It is possible to sort the message list by clicking on the columns.
- Hide/show the message browser columns by the context menu that appears on right-click.
- Drag-and-drop columns to change their order.
Other additions:
- Startup Memory Usage has been reduced.
- Added Word Database, Events, Actions backuping and restoration for the case if there was any errors during saving.
- Optimized 'Trigger Events' task.
- Added Retrigger Events option for comfortable filters, events and actions adding/editing.
- Use message subjects as filenames for downloaded messages.
- CmdLine launcher was corrected.
- Message Partition decoding bug has been fixed.
- Clear Log on exit.

Mail Box Dispatcher v2.02
Interface has been improved:
- The Active/Inactive icons have been changed.
- It is possible to refresh a mail account content by double-clicking on it in the Mail Account Manager.
- A context menu has been added for the mail account manager. It allows to Refresh and Process selected accounts only.
- The Size column shows message sizes in kilobytes now.
New global events:
- for messages that have same attachments
- for messages that have same Senders
- for messages that have same Subjects
- for messages that have same Senders and same Subjects
Event settings of the presetup wizard have been refreshed.
Locale additions and changes:
- Missing locale strings boots from English.lcl now.
- Font Name, Font Size and CharSet info has been included.
- New locale strings have been added.
The root directory bug with the select directory dialog has been fixed.

Mail Box Dispatcher v2.01
Locale/language bugs have been fixed.


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