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Mail Box Dispatcher 2 - Setup Actions


Action Editor window (Tools > Action Editor) is for adding and editing actions.
Use Add button to Add a new action.
Use Delete button to Delete a selected action.
Use Set as Default Action to set Default flag for selected action. Default action means that it will be selected for every new event by default.

Use Action Name edit field to rename an action.
Use Display Parameters to define how a message will be displayed in the Message Navigator. For an example it is very convenient when messages from friends have green background and unwanted messages are red.
Set Do not delete an email message checkbox to deny other events to mark a message for deleting and unmark if it is marked. For an example, it is very useful to prevent messages sent by your friends from delete marking by other events.
Set Mark an email message for deletion checkbox to set Delete flag in actions for a message.
Set Mark a message for downloading (as EML) to the directory checkbox to set Download flag for a message. If you don’t specify a directory for downloading messages will be downloaded into Downloads subdirectory of Mail Box Dispatcher 2. Mail Box Dispatcher saves messages as EML files and they can be opened by most of email clients.
Set Play Sound checkbox to play WAV sound file when you wish to be notified of message incoming.
Set Flash Tray Icon checkbox to be notified of message incoming by the blinking tray icon.
Set Execute Command Line checkbox to execute a command-line.


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