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Mail Box Dispatcher 2 - Setup Events


Event Editor window (Tools > Event Editor) is for adding and editing events.
Use Add button to Add a new event.
Use Delete button to Delete a selected event.
Events have a priority order. It means Trigger checks events by a definite (descending) order and when one of events execute for an email message, then Trigger stop checking for this message.

You can setup a check order for events by defining their position in the Event Editor. Trigger checks events by descending order. Drag-and-Drop an event or use Move Up and Move Down buttons to change an event order. Note: Events with Don't delete message flag have High priority and 'stay' above all events without it.
Use Event Name edit field to rename an event. When a message complies with an event, its name appears in the Event column of the Message Browser.
Use Event Conditions to define event execution rules.
Use Event Action to select an action that executes, if a message complies with event rules.


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