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Mail Box Dispatcher 2 - Setup Mail Accounts


Setup Mail Accounts window (Tools > Setup Mail) is for adding and editing your email accounts data.
Use Add button to Add a new account.
Use Delete button to Delete a selected account.
Account Name – an account name that appears in account lists.
Incoming Mail Server (POP3) and Port – server and port for incoming messages. If you don’t know your POP3 server then ask this information from your internet service provider or your mail provider.
Username – your account name. It is usually the same as the part to the left of the ‘@’ in an email address.
Password – your account password.
Number of message lines for preview – this parameter defines how many lines of message content will be received for making preview. (Usually 10-15 lines are enough to see what a message is)
Display parameters – here you can define how Mail Account will be presented in the Account column of the Message browser.


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