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Mail Box Dispatcher 2 - Start use Mail Box Dispatcher immediately


Prepare the Mail Box Dispatcher to use

First of all you need to setup your email accounts. To setup email accounts follow these steps:
1. Select Setup Mail option (Tools > Setup Mail). And Setup Mail Accounts window appears.
2. Click on Add button to add a new account.
3. Fill in the boxes (account name, Incoming mail server, Port, Username, Password) with your email account parameters.
4. Repeat steps 2 and 3 for all of your accounts.
5. Click on Close button to close the Setup Mail window.

Looking through mail boxes and deleting unwanted email messages

After email accounts are prepared, you can look through messages in them. Use Refresh List button of the control bar (the control bar is marked by number 4 on the picture above) to get or refresh message list. Message Browser (marked by number 5) shows messages in your mail accounts.
You can also see few message lines. Select a message in the Message Browser and its content preview appears in the Message Preview section (marked by 6).
To delete unwanted messages use the X mark in the Actions column of the Message Browser. After all unwanted messages are marked, click on Process button and wait until all tasks of the task queue are finished. If there are any errors in a task progress, use View Log button to get more info.
After process is finished, launch the email client and receive your email.

‘Monitoring Mode’

Mail Box Dispatcher can also refresh your email boxes content every few minutes and notify you if there are any new messages in them. Follow these steps:
1. Open Options window (Tools > Options)
2. Set Launch Auto-checker check box
3. Set If there are new messages in Mail Boxes check box
4. Select an action that occurs if there are new messages in Mail Boxes
5. Close the window

Now to activate Monitoring Mode close or minimize the Mail Box Dispatcher window. When Mail Box Dispatcher notifies you about new messages you can open the window again by clicking on the icon in the system tray.


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