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Mail Box Dispatcher 2 - Why other anti spam tools are not so effective as MBD?


Almost all spam filters download whole messages from the server and then analyse them. Mail Box Dispatcher allows you to manage email messages and delete them directly on your email server without downloading tons of megabytes. Other anti spam tools offer traditional blacklists and whitelists to filter unwanted messages, when Mail Box Dispatcher allows filtering by blacklist, whitelist, bad phrases and disallowed recipients. Mail Box Dispatcher has self-learning Spam Detector, the special artificial intelligence that learn unwanted and good email messages and helps you to detect spam messages by calculating spam probability rating. Moreover Mail Box Dispatcher finds doubtful messages that arrive at your email accounts from same senders, have same subjects or attachments, etc.

Mail Box Dispatcher is a handy program to preprocess email accounts before downloading email messages by email clients. It gives you all you need to receive messages that you really want without any spams, viruses or junks. Mail Box Dispatcher is freeware for non-commercial use. Mail Box Dispatcher is not an AdWare and not a SpyWare! It is a protest against all junk and spam email!


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