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User Testimonials

Here are a few things some users have had to say about Mail Box Dispatcher.


"Love the program its perfect."

Esta W.



"Having tried nearly every spam program out there and finding myself spending as much time updating these programs as I was in deleting the junk mail, I am happy to say that other than a few minor updates, this program is the best spam killer written to date.

I cannot thank you enough!

Just adding the line href= is enough to wipe out 95 percent of all spam. By adding your friends in the friends list, insures you don't lose the ones they send you.

The skies the limit in regards to how you want to control your spam. No other spam program gives us this much control, and best yet it is not a program that eats all your resources to do it.

The fact this is a free program is a tribute to the author, and a great contibution to the internet.

I do hope users of this free program are kind enough to thank those responsible for making it available to us all.

Once again thanks for solving my spam problem."

Reinier K.



Thanks for the freeware!
I've been running it for several months after getting dozens of viruses and it has proven itself to be very helpful. Thank you so much for your program and your time..

Scott P.



"I just tried your anti spam software. It's a good idea, and well done. Thanks for the good job."

Jean-F. G.



"Hello, as a happy user of Mail Box Dispatcher, I would like to try contributing to this excellent freeware by sending you my feelings.
- The new version is PANORAMIC! Wow! Very easy to spot the 20+ long list of SPAMS every morning! The new version grabed my preferences and old settings/lists without any problem.
- MBD is THE kind of anti-spam well thought, easy enough for the average user, not prone to mixup connexion parameters in other mail clients (thus scaring non advanced users), because working independently.
- ******* is supposed to use 3 highly sophisticated filter types. But this is overkill, and it does not work so much for its "9 Megs+" used on the HD: spammers are always working on new schemes. MBD is a "720 K used" software, and when inserting short lists of strings mainly in the Body and Subject auto-selection rules, it beats ******* hands down.
- ******* displays some GIF-loaded HTML messages as they should appear to please spammers. Exactly what I do NOT want. I prefer MBD showing pure (or impure!) HTML instead of executing it, especialy if the message carries some dangerous code...

Michel B.


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