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There is other type of spam in internet also. Its name is... web spam. Popup windows are prevailing form of web spam.
Defininition: PopUp - A new browser window that appears unrequested (by you) on your screen. A gratuitous, easily-programmed visual effect exploited by many web sites often to the consternation of the hapless user. Commonly used for advertisements. Particularly annoying are those termed exit popups: browser windows that spring to life when you leave a site or when you close a browser window.

You can maximize your surfing speed by preventing unwanted popups from eating up your bandwidth! We recommend you full featured AntiPopUp program for this purpose!

Unlike many other similar programs, AntiPopUp for IE doesn't require that you add each popup window to a list as they occur. It uses the smart identification engine, which recognizes sponsor's popup windows and closes them automatically.

  • Anti­PopUp is an intelligent pop-up killer. It does not stop all new windows as they occur or interfere with web navigation. It uses the smart identification engine, which recognizes only sponsor's pop-up windows and stops them automatically.
  • Anti­PopUp does not interfere with opening new windows or other web navigation.
  • It is compatible with Microsoft Internet Explorer starting with version 5.01.
  • Anti­PopUp for IE acts not only as smart pop-up killer but also has an Internet Eraser functions. It cleans Cache files, Cookies, 'Visited URLs', Typed URL Address dropdown list, the history folders, Recently Visited links and more.
  • Now kills pop-ups from non-browser applications, such as:
    - KaZaA
    - Morpheus
    - Gator etc...

It is really the best solution in its class!
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